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Analytical Pyrolysis of Synthetic Organic Polymers, Volume 25


Serban Moldoveanu


Analytical Pyrolysis of Synthetic Organic Polymers is a follow-up to Analytical Pyrolysis of Natural Organic Polymers, which is volume 20 of the series. The main focus of the book is on practical applications of analytical pyrolysis in synthetic organic polymer identification and characterization.
The first part of the book has five chapters including an introduction, a discussion on physico-chemistry of thermal degradation of synthetic polymers and on instrumentation used in analytical pyrolysis, a chapter discussing what type of information can be obtained from analytical pyrolysis, and a chapter dedicated to the analysis and characterization of synthetic polymers.
The second part systematically covers the analytical pyrolysis of various classes of synthetic polymers. Some theoretical background for the understanding of polymer structure using analytical pyrolysis is also discussed.

Key features

  • Includes broad coverage of organic synthetic macromolecules
  • Focuses on physico-chemistry of thermal degradation, and the analytical pyrolysis of various classes of synthetic polymers
  • Is well written and suitable for both researchers and chemists working in analytical chemistry or in synthetic polymers

Book details

  • Publisher: Elsevier Science; 1 edition (March 17, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0444512926
  • ISBN-13: 978-0444512925


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