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Bioseparations Science and Engineering (Engineering & Technology)


Roger G. HarrisonPaul W. ToddScott R. Rudge


Designed for undergraduates, graduate students, and industry practitioners, Bioseparations Science and Engineering fills a critical need in the field. Current, comprehensive, and concise, it covers bioseparations unit operations in greater depth than other texts on this topic. In each of the chapters, the authors use a consistent method of explaining unit operations, starting with a qualitative description noting the significance and general application of the unit operation. They then illustrate the scientific application of the operation, develop the required mathematical theory, and finally, describe the applications of the theory in engineering practice, with an emphasis on design and scaleup. Unique to this text is a chapter dedicated to bioseparations process design and economics, in which a process simular, SuperPro Designer® is used to analyze and evaluate the production of three important biological products. Other unique features include basic information about bioproducts and engineering analysis and a chapter with bioseparations laboratory exercises. Bioseparations Science and Engineering is ideal for students and professionals alike.


  • Incorporates numerous example problems within the chapters
  • Offers extensive sets of problems at the end of chapters
  • Includes basic information about bioproducts
  • Provides thorough coverage of analytical methods for bioproducts
  • Uses the simulation software SuperPro Designer® to illustrate the analysis and evaluation of the production of citric acid, recombinant human insulin, and monoclonal antibodies
  • Includes laboratory exercises that support text material
  • Accompanied by a solutions manual available to instructors who adopt this text


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