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Biomass Gasification, Pyrolysis and Torrefaction, Second Edition: Practical Design and Theory

By Prabir Basu Description Biomass is the most widely used non-fossil fuel in the world. Biomass resources show a considerable potential in the long-term given the increasing proliferation of dedicated… Read more »

Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing, Second Edition

By Saeid Mokhatab , William A. Poe Description A unique, well-documented, and forward-thinking work, the second edition of Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing continues to present a thoroughly… Read more »

Pyrolysis of Organic Molecules: Applications to Health and Environmental Issues

By Serban Moldoveanu Description Pyrolysis of Organic Molecules with Applications to Health and Environmental Issues,┬áthe 28th┬ávolume in the Techniques and Instrumentation in Analytical Chemistry series, gives a systematic and comprehensive… Read more »

Feedstock Recycling and Pyrolysis of Waste Plastics: Converting Waste Plastics into Diesel and Other Fuels

By John Scheirs Description Pyrolysis is a recycling technique converting plastic waste into fuels, monomers, or other valuable materials by thermal and catalytic cracking processes. It allows the treatment of… Read more »

Analytical Pyrolysis of Synthetic Organic Polymers, Volume 25

By Serban Moldoveanu Description Analytical Pyrolysis of Synthetic Organic Polymers is a follow-up to Analytical Pyrolysis of Natural Organic Polymers, which is volume 20 of the series. The main focus… Read more »

Advances in Induction and Microwave Heating of Mineral and Organic Materials

By Stanishlaw Grudas Description The book offers comprehensive coverage of the broad range of scientific knowledge in the fields of advances in induction and microwave heating of mineral and organic… Read more »

Gasification, Second Edition

By Christopher Higman Maarten van der Burgt Book Description Gasification is a process that if properly utilized can transform the world in which we live. Comprehensive in its coverage, this… Read more »

Gasification for Practical Applications

By Dr. Yongseung Yun, Plant Engineering Center, Institute For Advanced Engineering Book Description Although there were many books and papers that deal with gasification, there has been only a few… Read more »

Fluidized Bed Technologies for Near-Zero Emission Combustion and Gasification, 1st Edition

By Dr Fabrizio Scala Book Description Fluidized bed (FB) combustion and gasification are advanced techniques for fuel flexible, high efficiency and low emission conversion. Fuels are combusted or gasified as… Read more »

Combustion and Gasification in Fluidized Beds

By Prabir Basu Book Description Besides being one of the best Clean Coal Technologies, fluidized beds are also proving to be the most practical option for biomass conversion. Although the… Read more »