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Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective: Volume 4: Peat – Geology, Combustion, and Case Studies

By Glenn B. Stracher Overview Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective, Volumes 1–4, presents a fascinating collection of research about prehistoric and historic coal and peat fires. Magnificent illustrations… Read more »

Applied Reliability: Fracture Mechanics 2 (ISTE)

By Ammar Grous  Description This second book of a 3-volume set on Fracture Mechanics completes the first volume through the analysis of adjustment tests suited to correctly validating the justified… Read more »

Applied Quality Control: Fracture Mechanics 3 (ISTE)

By Ammar Grous Description This third book of a 3-volume set on Fracture Mechanics adds a pragmatic and supportive character to the previous volumes by focusing on case studies using… Read more »

Analysis of Reliability and Quality Control: Fracture Mechanics 1 (ISTE)

By Ammar Grous Description This first book of a 3-volume set on Fracture Mechanics is mainly centered on the vast range of the laws of statistical distributions encountered in various… Read more »

Corrosion and Conservation of Cultural Heritage Metallic Artefacts

By P Dillmann , D Watkinson, E Angelini, A Adriaens Description The conservation of metallic archaeological and historic artefacts is a major challenge whether they are ancient bronzes or relics… Read more »

Essential Readings in Light Metals, Alumina and Bauxite (Volume 1)

By Don Donaldson, Benny Raahauge  Description Highlighting some of the most important findings reported over the past five decades, this volume features some of the best technical papers published on alumina… Read more »

Mineral Processing Design and Operation: An Introduction

By Dennis Yan, Ashok Gupta Description Mineral Processing Design and Operations is expected to be of use to the design engineers engaged in the design and operation of mineral processing plants and… Read more »

Metallurgical Process Engineering, 2011 Edition

By Ruiyu Yin Desscription “Metallurgical Process Engineering” discusses large-scale integrated theory on the level of manufacturing production processes, putting forward concepts for exploring non-equilibrium and irreversible complex system. It emphasizes… Read more »

ASM Handbook: Corrosion : Fundamentals, Testing, and Protection, Volume 13A

By  Jr. Covino , Bernard S., Stephen D. Cramer Description The purpose of ASM Handbook, Volume 13A: Corrosion: Fundamentals, Testing, and Protection is to help engineers and designers understand corrosion so that they can solve existing… Read more »

Chemical Metallurgy: Principles and Practice

By Chiranjib Kumar Gupta Description Chemical metallurgy is a well founded and fascinating branch of the wide field of metallurgy. This book provides detailed information on both the first steps… Read more »