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Business and Technology of the Global Polyethylene Industry

Business and Technology of the Global Polyethylene Industry

By Thomas E. Nowlin  The history of the business and technology that was responsible for the enormous growth of the global polyethylene industry from the laboratory discovery in 1933 to reach… Read more »

Gas Insulated Substations

Gas Insulated Substations (2014)

By Hermann J. Koch Comprehensive reference covering all aspects of gas insulated substations including basic principles, technology, use & application, design, specification, testing and ownership issues Gas Insulated Substations provides an overview… Read more »

The Oil Curse How Petroleum Wealth Shapes the Development of Nations

By Michael L. Ross "The Oil Curse is the best and most thorough examination that we have of the causes and consequences of oil wealth for poorly governed states. Oil… Read more »

Advanced Petroleum Reservoir Simulation

By Rafiq Islam, S.H. Moussavizadegan, Shabbir Mustafiz  Description Add precision and ease to the process of reservoir simulation. Until simulation software and other methods of reservoir characterization were developed, engineers had to… Read more »

Managing and Leading for Science Professionals: (What I Wish I’d Known while Moving Up the Management Ladder)

By Bertrand C. Liang Description Can technical paradigms help managers lead technical companies? In Managing and Leading for Science Professionals, Bertrand Liang explains that they can, as he explores real issues… Read more »

Evolution of Global Electricity Markets: New paradigms, new challenges, new approaches

By Fereidoon P. Sioshansi Description Get the latest on rapidly evolving global electricity markets direct from the scholars and thought leaders who are shaping reform. In this volume, dozens of… Read more »

Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics

By Jason Shogren Description Every decision about energy involves its price and cost.  The price of gasoline and the cost of buying from foreign producers; the price of nuclear and… Read more »

An Exploration into China’s Economic Development and Electricity Demand by the Year 2050 (Elsevier Insights)

By Zhaoguang Hu, Xiandong Tan, Zhaoyuan Xu Description An Exploration into China’s Economic Development and Electricity Demand by the Year 2050, is an exploratory study of national and regional economic… Read more »