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Oil and Gas Pipelines and Piping Systems: Design, Construction, Management, and Inspection

By Alireza Bahadori Overview Oil and Gas Pipelines and Piping Systems: Design, Construction, Management, and Inspection delivers all the critical aspects needed for oil and gas piping and pipeline condition… Read more »

Handbook of Refinery Desulfurization

By Nour Shafik El-Gendy, James G. Speight Overview Handbook of Refinery Desulfurization describes the operation of the various desulfurization process units in a petroleum refinery. It also explains the processes… Read more »

Fouling in Refineries

By James G. Speight Overview Fouling in Refineries is an important and ongoing problem that directly affects energy efficiency resulting in increased costs, production losses, and even unit shutdown, requiring… Read more »

Essentials of Coating, Painting, and Lining for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries

By Alireza Bahadori Overview With the oil and gas industry facing new challenges-deeper offshore installations, more unconventional oil and gas transporting through pipelines, and refinery equipment processing these opportunity feedstocks—new… Read more »

Refining Processes Handbook

By Surinder Parkash Ph. D Besides covering topics like catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, and alkylation, this volume has chapters on waste water treatment and the economics of managing or commissioning the… Read more »

Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language Fourth Edition

By William Leffler William Leffler’s Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language, Fourth Edition is designed to give the reader an overview of key refining topics by using relevant analogies, easy-to-understand graphs,… Read more »

High Acid Crudes (2014)

By James G. Speight Descriptions High Acid Crudes quickly gets the refinery manager and all other relative personnel up to date on this particular type of feedstock by providing an… Read more »

Enhanced Oil Recovery: Field Planning and Development Strategies (2010)

By Vladimir Alvarado, Eduardo Manrique Description Enhanced-Oil Recovery (EOR) evaluations focused on asset acquisition or rejuvenation involve a combination of complex decisions, using different data sources. EOR projects have been… Read more »

Petroleum Accumulation Zones on Continental Margins

By Y. N. Grigorenko, George V. Chilingar, V.S. Sobolev Description Much of the world’s petroleum is located on continental margins, and any further development of these offshore deposits would be impossible without… Read more »

The Fundamentals of Corrosion and Scaling for Petroleum & Environmental Engineers

By George V. Chilingar, Ryan Mourhatch, Alzazi Al-Qahtani Description Scale, or deposits, can build up in the wellbore tubulars and other downhole components, causing considerable damage to the life of… Read more »