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Efficiency and Sustainability in Biofuel Production: Environmental and Land-Use Research

By Barnabas Gikonyo


The world’s interest in reducing petroleum use has led to the rapid development of the biofuel industry over the past decade or so. However, there is increasing concern over how current food-based biofuels affect both food security and the environment. Second-generation biofuels, however, use widely available sources such as non-food lignocellulosic-based biomass and fats, oils, and greases. They make practical consideration of how land use can simultaneously support both the world’s food needs and some of its energy needs.

This volume consolidates some of the most recent investigations into these issues. The chapters focus on these categories of research:

  • The problems currently connected with biofuels relating to land use and the environment
  • Investigations into the potential for land use to be managed more effectively and sustainably
  • Research that focuses on new and developing options for second-generation biofuels

This volume is recommended for all biofuel researchers, from the PhD student to the experienced scientist. It also offers an essential foundation to anyone interested in how biofuels relate to the future of our world.

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