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Handbook of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

By James G. Speight


Handbook of Offshore Oil and GasOperations is an authoritative source providing extensive up-to-date coverage of the technology used in the exploration, drilling, production, and operations in an offshore setting.Offshore oil and gas activity is growing atan expansive rate and this must-have training guide covers thefull spectrumincluding geology, types of platforms, exploration methods, production and enhanced recovery methods, pipelines, and envinronmental managment and impact, specifically worldwide advances in study, control, and prevention of the industry’s impact on the marine environment and its living resources. In addition, this book provides ago-to glossary for quick reference. Handbook of Offshore Oil and GasOperations empowers oil and gas engineers and managers tounderstand and captureon one of the fastest growing markets in the energy sector today.

  • Quickly become familiar with theoil and gas offshore industry, including deepwater operations
  • Understand the full spectrum of the business, including environmental impacts and future challenges
  • Gain knowledge and exposure on critical standards and real-world case studies

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