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Novel Materials for Carbon Dioxide Mitigation Technology

By Bryan Morreale


Materials for Carbon Dioxide Mitigation Technology offers expert insight and experience from recognized authorities in advanced material development in carbon mitigation technology and constitutes a comprehensive guide to the selection and design of a wide range of solvent/sorbent/catalyst used by scientists globally. It appeals to chemical scientists, material scientists and engineers, energy researchers, and environmental scientists from academia, industry, and government in their research directed toward greener, more efficient carbon mitigation processes.

  • Emphasizes material development for carbon mitigation technologies rather than regulations
  • Provides a fundamental understanding of the underpinning science as well as technological approaches to implement carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies.
  • Introduces the driving force behind novel materials, their performance and applications for carbon dioxide mitigation
  • Contains figures, tables and an abundance of examples clearly explaining the development, characterization and evaluation of novel carbon mitigation materials
  • Includes hundreds of citations drawing on the most recent published works on the subject
  • Provides a wealth of real-world examples, illustrating how to bridge nano-scale materials to bulk carbon mitigation properties.

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