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Oil and Gas Pipelines and Piping Systems: Design, Construction, Management, and Inspection

By Alireza Bahadori


Oil and Gas Pipelines and Piping Systems: Design, Construction, Management, and Inspection delivers all the critical aspects needed for oil and gas piping and pipeline condition monitoring and maintenance, along with tactics to minimize costly disruptions within operations. Broken up into two logical parts, the book begins with coverage on pipelines, including essential topics, such as material selection, designing for oil and gas central facilities, tank farms and depots, the construction and installment of transportation pipelines, pipe cleaning, and maintenance checklists.

Moving over to piping, information covers piping material selection and designing and construction of plant piping systems, with attention paid to flexibility analysis on piping stress, a must-have component for both refineries with piping and pipeline systems.

Heavily illustrated and practical for engineers and managers in oil and gas today, the book supplies the oil and gas industry with a must-have reference for safe and effective pipeline and piping operations.

  • Presents valuable perspectives on pipelines and piping operations specific to the oil and gas industry
  • Provides all the relevant American and European codes and standards, as well as English and Metric units for easier reference
  • Includes numerous visualizations of equipment and operations, with illustrations from various worldwide case studies and locations

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