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Palladium Membrane Technology for Hydrogen Production, Carbon Capture and Other Applications: Principles, Energy Production and Other Applications

By A Doukelis, K Panopoulos, A Koumanakos, E Kakaras


Thanks to their outstanding hydrogen selectivity, palladium membranes have attracted extensive R&D interest. They are a potential breakthrough technology for hydrogen production and also have promising applications in the areas of thermochemical biorefining. This book summarises key research in palladium membrane technologies, with particular focus on the scale-up challenges. After an introductory chapter, Part one reviews the fabrication of palladium membranes. Part two then focuses on palladium membrane module and reactor design. The final part of the book reviews the operation of palladium membranes for synthesis gas/hydrogen production, carbon capture and other applications.

  • Review of manufacture and design issues for palladium membranes
  • Discussion of the applications of palladium membrane technology, including solar steam reforming, IGCC plants, NGCC plants, CHP plants and hydrogen production
  • Examples of the technology in operation

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Elsevier Science
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Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy Series
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