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Spray Drying Technology, Vol 1


Meng Wai Woo: Chemical Engineering Department, Monash University, Australia

Arun Sadashiv Mujumdar: Mechanical Engineering Department & M3TC, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Wan Ramli Wan: Daud Chemical Engineering Department, National University of Malaysia, Malaysia


This book aims to provide in a concise form of some of the latest research in these diverse areas of spray drying. However, the philosophy of this book does not end there. Keeping in mind that knowledge is useful only if it is able to reach a wider technical and research community, we have decided to publish this book in the form of an e-book that is freely downloadable.

Thus, it is accessible without charge even in parts of the world where resources are not available to purchase high cost books and journals. It is hoped that this endeavour will allow the latest developments in this field to reach the  global audience, particularly those who need access to the latest information but cannot afford it.

Each chapter in this book was contributed by experts active in one particular area of spray drying. Each chapter has been prepared in a way that is self-contained to extent possible. Two chapters are devoted to computational fluid flow and particle trajectory analysis in spray dryers. Three chapters focus on the functionality of particles by manipulating powder physical properties, crystallinity and in the production of herbal extracts. Extension of the spray drying process to incorporate the freezing phenomenon is also included. A unique feature of this book is in its electronic form of publication which allows this book to be updated as required in order to keep abreast with the latest development in the area.


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