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Sustainable Catalytic Processes

By Basudeb Saha


The development of catalysts is the most sophisticated art in chemical sciences. It can be read like a story book when the critical scientific contents are presented in a chronological manner with short and simple sentences. This book will meets these criteria. To address the sustainability issues of existing chemical manufacturing processes or producing new chemicals, researchers are developing alternate catalysts to eliminate toxic chemicals use and by-products formation. Sustainable Catalytic Processes presents critical discussions of the progress of such catalytic development. This book of contemporary research results in sustainable catalysis area will benefit scientists in both industries and academia, and students to learn recent catalysts/process development.

  • Reports the most recent developments in catalysis with a focus on environmentally friendly commercial processes, such as waste water treatment, alternate energy, etc
  • Bridges the theory, necessary for the development of environmentally friendly processes, and their implementation through pilot plant and large scale
  • Contains mainly laboratory scale data and encourages industrial scientists to test these processes on a pilot scale
  • Includes work examples featuring the development of the new catalysts/processes using bio-renewable feedstock satisfactorily addressing environmental concerns
  • Includes one chapter demonstrating real industrial examples motivating the industrial and academic researchers to pursue similar research

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