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Principles of Adsorption and Adsorption Process

By: Douglas M.Ruthven, University of New Brunswick, Frederiction Description Principles of absorption and absorption process is the first up-to-date summary and review for the fundamental principles and industrial practice of adsorption separation… Read more »

Adsorption Progress in Fundamental and Application Research

By: Li Zhou, Tianjin University, China Description Adsorption-based technology has experienced a considerable change during the past 30 years from a relatively minor technique to a major one that industry, such… Read more »

Adsorption Technology and Design

By: Barry Crittenden, W.John Thomas Description Adsorption is of considerable industrial importance and is a major part of many different processes throughout the chemical and process industries, including many reactions –… Read more »

Adsorption Science and Technology

By: Chang-Ha Lee, Korea Preface of this book The Third Pacific Basin Conference on Adsorption Science and Technology was held from May 25 to May 29, 2003 in Kyongju, Korea. The… Read more »

Adsorption Engineering (Chemical Engineering Monographs)

By: Motoyuki Suzuki Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo  1 Description The design of adsorption systems has essentially been based on accumulated experience gained over a long period…. Read more »

Adsorption, Ion Exchange and Catalysis: Design of Operations and Environmental Applications

By:   Dr. Vassilis J. Inglezakis is Chemical Engineer holding PhD in the field of environmental technologies Dr. Stavros G. Poulopoulos has studied Chemical Engineering and holds M.Sc. and Ph.D…. Read more »

Adsorption: Theory, Modeling and Analysis (Surfactant Science Series, Volume 107)

By: József Tóth, University of Miskolc, Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Hungary Description Meticulously prepared, this reference offers an overview of achieved in gas-solid (G/S), liquid-solid (L/S), and gas-liquid (G/L) adsorption research. It emphasizes the… Read more »

Adsorption and Diffusion: Molecular Sieves, Science and Technology Vol.7

By Dr. Hellmut G. Karge, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Faradayweg 4–6, 14195 Berlin, Germany Professor Dr.-Ing. JensWeitkam, Institute of Technical Chemistry, University of Stuttgart, 70550 Stuttgart,… Read more »

Adsorbents: Fundamentals and Applications, First Edition

By Ralph T. Yang, Dwight F. Benton Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan Description Adsorption promises to play an integral role in several future energy and environmental technologies, including… Read more »

Activated Carbon Adsorption, First Edition

By:  Roop Chand Bansal,  Meenakshi Goyal Description High surface area, a microporous structure, and a high degree of surface reactivity make activated carbons versatile adsorbents, particularly effective in the adsorption… Read more »