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Designing Reactive Distillation Processes with Improved Efficiency

By Cristhian P. Almeida-Rivera., TU Delft, Delft University of Technology Description In this dissertation a life-span inspired perspective is taken on the conceptual design of grassroots reactive distillation processes. Attention… Read more »

Azeotropic Data III, Advances in Chemistry Series 116

By: Robert F. Gould Description This volume is a complete revision of Azeotropic Data I and II published as ADVANCES IN CHEMISTRY SERIES NO. 6 and No. 35, American Chemical Society…. Read more »

Azeotropic Data II, Advances in Chemistry Series 35

By: Robert F. Gould Description This volume is a supplement to “Azeotropic Data” published as ADVANCES IN CHEMISTR Y SERIES NO. 6, American Chemical Society (1952). It includes revised data on… Read more »

Azeotropic Data I Advances in Chemistry Series 6

By: L H. Horsley Description Tables of azeotropes and nonazeotropes compiled by L H. Horsley and coworkers at the Dow Chemical Co. Included are a formula index, a bibliography, and three… Read more »

Handbook of Physical-Chemical Properties and Environmental Fate for Organic Chemicals, Second Edition (Vol. 1)

By Donald Mackay, Wan-Ying Shiu, Kuo-Ching Ma, Sum Chi Lee Description Transport and transformation processes are key for determining how humans and other organisms are exposed to chemicals. These processes… Read more »

Simulation and Control of Reactive Distillation

By: Martin G. Sneesby, Ph.D., is employed by Aspen Tech in Cambridge (U.K) where he builds high fidelity dynamic simulators for operator training and engineering studies. He has written 21… Read more »

Thermophysical Properties of Chemicals and Hydrocarbons

Thermophysical Properties of Chemicals and Hydrocarbons Publisher: William Andrew; 1 edition (July 22, 2008) By Carl L. Yaws, PhD is Professor of chemical engineering at Lamar University, in Beaumont, Texas. He… Read more »

Understanding Distillation Using Column Profile Maps

By: Daniel Beneke (Ph.D.) is a Process Engineering Consultant at the Centre of Material and Process Synthesis (COMPS), based at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. Mark Peters… Read more »

The Compleat Distiller, 2nd Edition

By: Michael Nixon is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, and proud to be a Kiwi. Michael McCaw is a research scientist for a major… Read more »

Special Distillation Processes, 2005 Edition

By: Dr. Zhigang Lei: The key laboratory of science and technology of controllable chemical reactions,Ministry of Education. Box 35, Beijing University of Chemical Technology Beijing, 100029, P.R. China. Biaohua Chen:… Read more »