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Handbook of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

By James G. Speight Overview Handbook of Offshore Oil and GasOperations is an authoritative source providing extensive up-to-date coverage of the technology used in the exploration, drilling, production, and operations… Read more »

Handbook of Refinery Desulfurization

By Nour Shafik El-Gendy, James G. Speight Overview Handbook of Refinery Desulfurization describes the operation of the various desulfurization process units in a petroleum refinery. It also explains the processes… Read more »

Fouling in Refineries

By James G. Speight Overview Fouling in Refineries is an important and ongoing problem that directly affects energy efficiency resulting in increased costs, production losses, and even unit shutdown, requiring… Read more »

Handbook of Coal Analysis

By James G. Speight Overview Provides users with everything they need to know about testing and analysis of coal Coal is abundant and inexpensive. This is particularly important today as… Read more »

High Acid Crudes (2014)

By James G. Speight Descriptions High Acid Crudes quickly gets the refinery manager and all other relative personnel up to date on this particular type of feedstock by providing an… Read more »

Oil and Gas Corrosion Prevention: From Surface Facilities to Refineries

By James G. Speight  Description According to NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers), the total annual cost of corrosion in petroleum refining takes up $3.7 billion in the US alone…. Read more »

Shale Gas Production Processes

By James G. Speight Description The extraction of natural gas from shale formations is no simple task and perhaps the most expensive when compared to over unconventional gases. Although, its… Read more »

Heavy Oil Production Processes

By James G. Speight Description As conventional-oil resources are depleted worldwide, vast heavy oil reserves available in various parts of the world become increasingly important as a secure future energy… Read more »

Heavy and Extra-heavy Oil Upgrading Technologies

By James G. Speight Description Unconventional reservoirs of oil and gas represent a huge additional global source of fossil fuels. However, there is much still to be done to improve… Read more »

Clear and Concise Communications for Scientists and Engineers

By James G. Speight Description Scientists and engineers are often criticized for their inability to write clear, grammatically correct English as well as for their poor presentation of data. The… Read more »