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Transport Processes and Unit Operations 3rd Edition


Christie J. Geankoplis


Transport Processes and Unit Operations 3rd Edition

This up-to-date revision provides a modern, unified treatment of basic transport processes and a comprehensive treatment of unit operations.

This new third edition provides a modern, unified treatment of the basic transport processes of momentum, heat, and mass transfer, as well as a broad treatment of the unit operations of chemical engineering. Coverage includes the latest membrane separation processes; discussion of bioprocesses; comprehensive treatment of the transport processes of momentum, heat, and mass transfer; adsorption processes; and more. A useful, up-to-date reference for practicing chemical engineers, agricultural engineers, food scientists, environmental engineers, biochemical engineers, and others who work in the process industries.


This was a required text in my Food Engineering Program, and now I use it as a reference source when I need to get immediate information and solution guides to problems while I am out consulting with clients. It gives just the right amount of data needed, and there are adequate references. I take it everywhere because I find this book full of practical examples which make it invaluable tool.

Geankoplis was listed as a reference text for our transport operations class, McCabe being the primary text for the course. I’m glad that I spent the extra money to acquire the text Transport Processes and Unit Operations because it was far better at teaching problem solving methods, especially other methods rather than just McCabe Thiele diagrams. It was a more comphrehensive treatment of the subject.

This is like three books in one. I used McCabe for Unit Ops, Treybal for Mass transfer and BSL for Transport Phenomena. This book is a good replacement for all three.

Good worked pout examples and good discussion.

Highly Recommended

Very good, as described product. Very useful, helpful tool for multiple chemical engineering courses. Have use more than a couple times as a quick reference.

One of the best books I used in graduation and I found a miracle to buy it for such a low price. It didn’t come with the CD but the book was nearly new. I couldn’t be happier.
It covers most of the Unit Operations used in undergraduate. Also the chapters structure is easy to follow, so as the technical part. The examples and proposed problems are worth a look, too. I really recommend this for any chemical engineering student.



  • Hardcover: 921 pages
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR; 3 Sub edition (March 5, 1993)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0139304398
  • ISBN-13: 978-0139304392



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